Here you will find some (authentic) testimonials of adults and children..


I’ve discovered a peculiar interest in gemstones for the last two years. That is why I’ve decided to jump ahead and learn gemology. However, I didn’t think I would find quality classes which would align themselves with my wishes, schedule and frequent trips. To my great surprise, I came upon Com’Gem, this hidden little gem of the web.

With Catherine, I can learn with enthusiasm in an instructive and relaxed environment. I discover in this way the fascinating universe of gems through a syllabus which was put together according to my taste and interests. 

She has the talent of passing along her knowledge with dynamism and heed, making this experience truly special.

Anita – Journalism student in the USA

I have been taking classes at Com’Gem for about a year, with Catherine whom I met in Sainte Marie aux Mines. The Individual Lesson formula allows you to define a personalized program and to progress at your own pace, depending on your own availability.

In my opinion, the strengths of this training are pedagogy (I have the pleasant sensation of learning without difficulty, of understanding and gradually retaining the fundamentals of this sometimes complex matter) and the variety, beauty of the gems that we can see. Pretty dreams guaranteed …

A subtle dosage of seriousness, rigor and relaxation (I do not forget the very friendly tea-break !), this class is a true enchanted parenthesis that I invite you to discover !

Héléna – Bank Manager – Paris

“I had been looking for some time to acquire some knowledge to understand better the world of precious stones, but no school would accept me because of my young age (14 years old)…

After some search and also thanks to word of mouth, I discovered COM’GEM. The personalized courses allowed me to have a new vision of the precious stones and the material needed to analyze them. Thanks again.”

Loïc – teenager – Parisian region

“I have always been attracted by the beauty of gems, whether they were precious or ordinary. By chance, I met Catherine and comgem since that time and as a result of our kind and productive meetings, I discovered the beauty of gems and how to distinguish them. Despite my unpredictable and irregular weekly schedule, we have always found the possibility to meet together, in order to learn more about that complex, attractive and immense world of gemstones. As a novice, I really appreciate receiving practical education as well as learning about theory.”

Irène – Retired from CNRS  – Parisian region

“Catherine Aubert of the association COM’GEM, has opened the doors to the world of gemmology to me. Wishing to become a dealer in rough stones, she has designed for me a personalised training program that allows me to discover all the joys and difficulties of the profession.

Its playful and rigorous teaching, made me grow very quickly in the scientific understanding of stones. Her passion for gems and curiosity are very communicative.”

Laure – Passionate amateur – Parisian region

“Working at the ministry of sports, this year, I decided to take the plunge (dare I say)

Already since a long time, I dreamed of a true dive in the heart of gemstones, but to my pace and my disponibilities, and with simple explanations, lots of practice and a lot of examples. I have found COM’GEM today that provides an ideal formula.”

Jonathan – High level sportsman – Parisian region

“Fascinated by gems and wishing to find work, I contacted COM’GEM. I am not disappointed! Not only my passion grew increasingly but the format of particular sessions allows me to feel progress very quickly. Discovering the mineral world through authentic personal transmission, this seems to me the best of schools.”

Lior – Retraining – Paris

“In order to boost the sales of the jewellery department, I deemed it necessary to learn more about gems and thus, to satisfy a childhood curiosity for the world of gems.

Luckily, thanks to this website, I was able to get in touch with Catherine Aubert and, through her, to join COM’GEM. I am now attending their classes which are conducted in a studious yet relaxed atmosphere and meet my needs, my availability and above all my desires.

The training, which is both theoretical and hands-on (observation of gems, visual displays, use of specific tools), increases my interest for gemmology even more.”

Viviane – Jewellery Sales Assistant – Rennes

“I knew nothing about gemmology before meeting Catherine Aubert and COM’GEM. The teaching methods used regarding the theoretical and practical aspects (discovering gems, equipment, diagrams and illustrations) are clear, precise and educative.

You will find no-one capable of transmitting so much passion, wich in turn helps you to exceed your own expectations.”

Aurélie – Works on jewellery projects – Paris

“Driven by a long-standing passion for mineralogy (especially quartz), and therefore gemology, I decided to contact COM’GEM. I have been taking the course now for over a year, both individually and with another person (which was very nice!). I have especially learned the basics of crystallography (so daunting at first) and how to use tools…

Lively and enthusiastic, Catherine Aubert has the kind of educational talent that spurs interest and stirs curiosity…Her classes are well-documented thanks to the varied supports she uses which bring them to life. Observation with a loupe is such a marvel !!”

Phuong – Passionate amateur – Parisian region

“I began the study of gemology with Catherine Aubert; my interest in stones was transformed into a business activity thanks to her classes. The basics of gemology (the gemstones, the use of the tools, antique jewels, etc.) that I learned were solid and that was of great use to me as I prepared for my degree in gemology.

I wish the same pleasure for her future students as I had in learning from her.”

Annie – FGA graduate – Montréal

“I knew almost nothing about stones. At the same time, I had been greatly attracted by their beauty, their colors and their sparkle for a long time. One day, I decided to take the course… That is when I met Catherine Aubert and discovered the possibility of “specialized” classes. I was able to get very interesting practical and theoretical personalized training, on the fascinating world of gemstones!”

Gérard – Student – Paris

“I am a craftsman-jeweler in Sables d’Olonne; I have created and repaired jewelry for more than thirty years… Have I seen some stones! But I never really knew about them. This is why I contacted Catherine Aubert and took her gemology course, and it taught me a great deal. Of course I could not find out everything about gemstones (there is so much to know!) but I got a solid approach, and the necessary tools to further my study.

Thanks to the course, I speak differently to my customers and I communicate my passion for gemstones better. I truly think that, for any creator, this is an important plus! Thanks to Catherine.”

François-Louis – craftsman-jeweler – Sables d’Olonne

“As a professional in the business of antique and modern jewelry, I found in Catherine the possibility to refine and perfect my knowledge at my own pace in the context of a truly personalized educational project that responded to my needs. Lots of patience, kindness and professionalism.

Real training AS I LIKE IT!!! (the original French “comme j’aime” is a play on words with the association’s name “COM’GEM”)”

Véronique – Merchant – Paris

“I am an elementary school teacher and wanted to introduce my 25 students to the world of minerals and precious stones.

With Catherine, we developed a project which consisted of an introduction to gemology in ten one-hour classes, once a week.

Catherine came to our class each Tuesday morning. For each class she brought her stones and instruments (loupes, scales…) and told the children, who were quite attentive and impressed, stories and anecdotes of opals, rubies, pearls, and sapphires…

In smaller groups, some children observed and handled the stones we had studied, while others worked on the creation of a class gemstone filing system sorting the selected stones by color (7 family game).

Then, the students did a summary to keep a written record of the class.

Gemology allowed us to work simultaneously along several scholastic levels and the students loved learning about “the things that not even their parents knew about…”

I will always remember Catherine’s work with the children: she knew perfectly how to adapt her teaching style to the students’ ages and convey her enthusiasm and passion for stones.
I am ready to experience this again, as it was quite enriching for me as well!”

Isabelle – Elementary school teacher – Parisian region

Testimonials from french primary school students (CM1, CM2)

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