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COM’GEM, Communication in Gemology, is aimed at all those who are curious to discover the fascinating universe, both poetic and scientific, of precious stones (such as sapphire), fine stones amethyst or garnet) and decorative stones (such as turquoise or agate) without forgetting amber or pearl ….

You will discover the “pigeon blood” ruby, the Ceylon sapphire, citrine and pearl from the South Seas, rose topaz and the Colombian emerald “gardens”, deposits of precious stones all over the world, including in the sea off the Namibian coast, so rich in diamonds…

You will be introduced to the expert work carried out by gemologists as well as the cutting of precious stones in different facets.

Set out on the road that leads… from a stone… to a jewel!

Some small sapphires…

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In Paris South (at the foot of the metro), these activities are given by Catherine Aubert, gemologist, author of « Dina à la loupe, une vie de passion pour les pierres précieuses » and the « Jeu des 7 parures » cards game.

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